CBD Mixed Fruit Gummies CBD is a growing market, with a wide range of products now on the market for customers to try.

With CBD recognised to have a number of health benefits, there is a rising demand for its use. And as the demand rises, so does the choice for consumers as companies look to expand their ranges.

CBD Oil has traditionally been seen as the main cannabidiol product, resulting in a surge of sales as it became more widely available in health shops.

But for those wanting to give CBD a go, but who don’t fancy trialling the oil, or for people who are looking to expand their tastes, there are several fun products to try out.


If you have a sweet tooth like we do then you’ll want to try CBD gummies which are growing in popularity.

CBD gummies are a tasty way to get your fix of CBD or if you fancy trying CBD for the first time.

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Are you in the mood for a Mellow Mint, Highbiscus or Chai Awakening? (All products being sold by one company with a clever clogs in the marketing department!)

Or perhaps you fancy having something other than just milk or sugar with your chamomile or ginger tea.

If that’s the case then you’re in luck as there is already a huge range of CBD teas on the market, meaning you can enjoy your favourite cuppa with a splash of cannabidiol to make sure you get the health benefits.

And if you’re worried about becoming too hyper after a cuppa, CBD tea has a calming effect, with people trying it actually finding it hard to stay awake afterwards!

If you’re not a tea lover and prefer a cup of coffee, then CBD coffee is also on the market.


Chocolate is very much a treat, but you won’t need to feel so guilty in indulging if it has CBD in it.

Whether you prefer a simple bar of milk or dark chocolate, or your tastes are slightly more exotic, there is a product out there for everyone.

You can get even vegan CBD chocolate if you’re minded that way, or CBD chocolate protein if you’re looking to bulk up.

Bath bombs

CBD works as an anti-inflammatory, so what better way to enjoy a nice soak than with some cannabidiol-infused bath bombs?

The benefits of CBD in water are less certain than in other products, such as oil.

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When you hear the word ‘lozenge’ your first thought might be cough sweets. But you don’t need to be ill to enjoy sucking on one infused with CBD.

In fact, while other forms of edible CBD on the market are ingested, which means some of the active ingredients can be lost in the gut, CBD lozenges are designed to last longer, allowing the CBD to be absorbed under the tongue.

So on top of being able to enjoy the sweet taste for more time, it will also deliver CBD into the bloodstream quicker and in greater quantities.

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CBD features heavily in a range of products designed to make you feel more relaxed, and what can be nicer than the soothing scent of a candle?

The good news is if you prefer the idea of smelling a CBD product rather than tasting it, you won’t be short of different smells to try out.