Concerned about the sustainability of CBD?

We understand. There’s never been a more critical time to focus on the challenges facing our world, and you want to be sure that the products you buy don’t negatively impact the environment.

The past few years has seen explosive growth of the CBD market and with it, a surge in demand for hemp to supply the booming market.

This begs the question, how is this increase in hemp cultivation impacting our planet?

Although the modern CBD industry has brought it under the spotlight, hemp, or Cannabis Sativa L, has been grown for centuries for food, clothing, medicine and shelter.

The plant and its strong fibers are undoubtedly versatile, but it’s hemp’s amazing environmental qualities that earn it the title ‘the fiber of the future’.

The incredible sustainability of hemp

Hemp is one of nature’s best absorbers of CO2?

One hectare of industrial hemp can ‘soak up’ up to 22 tones of the greenhouse gas. This, combined with its rapid growth (about 4 meters per 100 days) make hemp a valuable weapon in the fight against global warming.

When biomass from hemp is converted into raw materials for the manufacturing industry, the CO2 is ‘locked’ into its fibers for long-term storage. This makes, for example, hemp-derived building materials like hempcrete a true carbon-saving option.

It gets better. As well as being able to thrive pretty much anywhere (they don’t call it weed for nothing), the leafy plant doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides like other commercial crops – excellent news for the environment and us CBD users!

What does this mean for the CBD user?

When it comes to sustainable crops, you can’t get much better than hemp – which is awesome for environmentally-conscious CBD users.

You can rest assured that Provacan’s CBD is extracted from certified-organic hemp grown under the highest agricultural directives in Europe. This means absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides go anywhere near our hemp ensuring a high-quality, safe CBD product or you.

For your peace of mind

Not only are our products 3rd-party-tested to verify their CBD content and safety, but they’re also verified to ensure that they contain less than 0.05% THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis). This is way below the UK legal limit of 0.2% so you can be confident that our products will never get you ‘high’.

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